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Trigger and Dosing Pumps Placers

January 10, 2010

In the 1970s, the precompression pump was introduced. It contains a centra accumulator that holds product for dispensing. A piston pressurizes product in the accumulator, which has a passageway to the dispensing point, insuring fine atomization of the product regardless of the velocity of the pump stroke. Early pump tended to dribble or steam if activated slowly.

The first products to benefit from the continuous dispensing feature of the precompression technology were fragances.

Fine-mist dispensers have adopted precompression technology that permits continuous spraying of the product, leading uses in hair sprays, suntan lotions, topical antiseptics, etc. anything that needs a find spray and a dosage of small volumes.

Trigger sprayers often dispense large volumes of product and are equipped with an extended trigger, a lever that gives a mechanical advantage and prevents operator fatigue. There are also foaming devices and nozzles which can be adjusted for the size or quantity of droplet desired. These sprayers deliver large dosages covering a broad area and are ideal for household cleaners, sanitizers and the like.

Lotion pumps are an ougrowth of early pump sprayers that dispensed product as the pump head was pushed down (noncompression technology). They are fitted with and extended dispenser on the pump that smoothly deliver creams, lotions, food products as ketchup and mustards sized for fast-food outlets.

Antonio Mengibar S.A. built its first Pump Capping Machine with Automatic Feeding in early 1.980s. Pump applications were a new and emergent market in the packaging industry and today represents one of the most important areas of specilization of the company, with a complete industrialized program that permits to offer very short delivery times.

During this period Mengibar has developed four different generations of Pump Capping Machines. The fourth generation presented in 2.009 features new designs and solutions based on the accummulated experience of over 20 years feeding, inserting and capping Trigger Pumps, Dosing Pumps and Caps with Dip tube.

The feeding, orienting, inserting and the final Capping is performed automatically for Screw-on, Press-on and Bayonet pumps, regardless whether the dip tube is bended or not. The automatic feeding system features an intelligent jam detection system to stop automatically the machines, clear the jam and re-start automatically without any human intervention.

More information:
Joseph. F. Hanlon. The Handbook of Package Engineering. McGraw Hill, 1984

Trigger Pump Capper

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