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Shampoo and Gel filling

December 19, 2008

gelBefore the advent of shampoos, people typically used soap for personal care. However, soap had the distinct disadvantages of being irritating to the eyes and incompatible with hard water, which made it leave a dull-looking film on the hair. In the early 1930s, the first synthetic detergent shampoo was introduced, although it still had some disadvantages. The 1960s brought the technology we use today.
Over the years, many improvements have been made to shampoo formulations. New detergents are less irritating to the eyes and skin and have improved health and environmental qualities. Also, materials technology has advanced, enabling the incorporation of thousands of beneficial ingredients in shampoos, leaving hair feeling and better conditioned.

Consumer product corporations will continue to manufacture new types of shampoos. These new formulas will be driven by ever-changing consumer desires and developing chemical technology. Currently, consumers like multi-functional shampoos, such as 2-in-I shampoos, which provide cleansing and conditioning in one step, or shampoos that aid in styling. New shampoos will likely provide improved conditioning, styling, and coloring while cleaning the hair.

Shampoo technology will also improve as new ingredients are developed by raw material suppliers. Some important advances are being made in the development of compounds such as polymers, silicones, and surfactants. These materials will be less irritating, less expensive, more environmentally friendly, and also provide greater functionality and performance.

Antonio Mengibar S.A. manufactures a range of filling and capping machines specially designed to handle this type of personal care products. Filling machines are equipped with extremly accurated mag and mass flowmeters with continuous self-correction of the dose. Capping machines include servomotors for screw-on, snap-on or orienting applications.

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