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Mix & Fill

December 19, 2008

mixfillThis allows product ranges that share the same basic formula but use different concentrates to be mixed in the filling nozzle, guaranteeing at all times that in every container the mix percentages fulfil the client’s specifications from the first to the last drop.

While in traditional processes the product components (such as solvents, colorants, perfumes, flavours and preservatives) need to be mixed in accordance with a specific formula in mixing tanks and stored in a huge final tank prior to the packaging process, the Mix & Fill philosophy allows you to mix these components at the end of the whole circuit in the required proportions, having previously prepared the concentrate and the solvent, which will be common to the different range formulations.

The physical space used previously for making the different mixes is now available for other uses.

In general, the washing times required represent around 15% of the traditional washing times.

The same solvent can be used for cleaning, and then stored for subsequent use when working with this concentrate once again.

Any product loss remaining in the filler at the end of the production run is around 5% of what is left with traditional systems.

The risk of contamination (always taking the usual essential measures) is reduced to 1% of traditional systems.

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